Why Nourishing Faith?

His hands shook as he hesitantly planned his next two words. Dr. Young, my fertility specialist sat at his desk surrounded by hundreds of pictorial thank yous with cherub faces. He was clearly uncomfortable and I felt sorry for him as he sighed the two words he didn’t want to deliver to my husband and I. “It’s cancer.”

Taking a moment to digest those two words and the continuing counsel that I’d need an oncologist and possibly a hysterectomy, my husband, Eric, and I had a choice to make. Was our faith going to be derailed, or was it going to sustain us through the darkness we now found ourselves in?

Is there a dark trial threatening to derail your faith? Then you, too, have a choice to make.

God used cancer to deepen my faith and open my eyes to His goodness. No matter your situation, God’s goodness and grace through Jesus Christ is available to you, too. But you can only know it through faith.  ~Kimberly